Personality Dimensions® represents the next level of evolution in presenting temperament or personality theory. This dynamic tool is the culmination of the research and validation work that was done in Canada for over a decade, to support temperament theory, and to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem, and effective communication strategies. Personality Dimensions® fosters increased self-knowledge through a facilitated self-discovery model that will make a lasting positive impact.” A half-day or one day seminar.

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“The Personality Dimensions® system utilizes a convenient card sort and short questionnaire to reveal your temperament preference. In addition to being the first Temperament assessment to incorporate the Introversion/Extraversion dichotomy, Personality Dimensions also uses four colours along with short descriptors and symbols to represent the Temperament preferences: Inquiring Green, Organized Gold, Authentic Blue, and Resourceful Orange. These combined aspects create a common language of understanding of yourself and others.”

A highly interactive way for individuals and teams to learn how to understand and communicate with each other. Encourages self-awareness and how to relate to others. This is followed up with games and activities allowing participants to gain a firm grasp on ways that open up communication and relationship fostering team work.

 The Daring Way – Calling all Aspiring BraveHearts, Relationship Daredevils, and Courageous Connectors!

Join us for this amazing workshop based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Brené Brown, author of the New York Times best seller, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead.

Confident You – Imagine what your life would be like with no fears holding you back.

Picture the things you would do, the relationships you would have, the choices you’d make…
Unfortunately, though, for most people, fear and doubt call the shots.
You hold back, because it’s “safer.”

What if you could think a different way?

Resolving Conflict Creating Harmony

Conflict is inevitable. Yet conflict can be something that doesn’t need to be dreaded but instead approached with a positive expectancy and results!  A workshop where you will learn simple, yet powerful techniques: Handle conflict calmly, Strengthen relationships, and Communicate clearly.


Claim Your Courage – This workshop will serve you in discovering what may be holding you back or has you stuck. We will share some tools to serve you in claiming your courage and breaking through your fears into the sweet light of success.

Fear may feel intimidating at times so we will shine a light on it and support you in seeing that it is not the monster you believe it to be. A one day seminar.


Giant Steps – What is your deep desire? What is your powerful purpose? What is holding you back from moving forward?

Discover a way to play your way through anything in life and achieve your goals. This is valuable for teams or for individuals. Each participant leaves with their own game board to use on a daily basis. A half day, one day, or two day workshop to support you or your team in getting what you want.