What do you want? Are you serious about creating positive results in your life? Are you tired of life dictating your next move?

Can you recall some time when you have been driving in your car on a trip or around town. Everything is going great and you decide to fuel up. You pull into the gas station and the attendant just happens to ask “would you like your windshield cleaned?” (In Oregon an attendant always pumps your gas). You take a quick glance and say “nope I’m good.”

You leave the station and resume your merry journey. A bit later you happen to make a turn and are driving into the sunlight and your windshield appears horribly dirty with bugs and stuff in numerous places and the glare is causing problems with you being able to see where you are going, and you think “dang, I should have had him clean my windshield.”

It’s only when the light is hitting the window just right that the dirt and bugs are illuminated and the once “nope I’m good” windshield becomes the “dang dirty” windshield.

Coaching is the process that shines a light on your life, path, and vision to reveal the “dirt and bugs” that are cluttering your ability to see clearly. To see the things that are not allowing clarity to what you thought was a spotless and clean path.

Coaching provides the structure, support, accountability, and resources that you need to successfully create the life you desire and deserve.

We work with people who want to make a leap of change or create positive results in their life and business.

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