Mac, Mentors, and Floppy Discs

I met Mac today while looking at PC’s. Now all you Apple fans can just calm down a bit. Mac is a person and not a computer (and I am still going to purchase a PC).

Mac works at Costco and we started chatting about art and ancient technology, typewriters and word-processors (the precursors to actual computers). We were sharing the fact that laptops are mostly being made without disc-drives now. I happen to want to pop in a disc or watch  a movie with my computer now and then.

Mac is an older gentleman with a story to tell. Actually he has already told his story. The problem is that the story happens to be the book he wrote and is imprisoned on floppy discs (the precursors to compact discs and flash drives). The book is finished and ready for editing once he gets it released from the floppy disc. Did the weight of this land with you? He has written a book. It is on floppy discs and has been for years. It has been so long now that he doesn’t have a machine to put the discs in to bring up the data. I am a bit envious because I wish my book was written and just waiting to be published.

Colored floppy discs.

I asked Mac how it would feel for him to get the data back and publish his book. I wish you could have seen the sheepish smile on his face at the thought of how good it would feel to get it done. The book is based on his life and growing up as a foster child. He finished the book after recently meeting his family that he had not known for 50 years. Wow! I am ready to read the story now. He did say that he finally met his birth mother.

Mac works at Costco to defy the odds. He told me that he used to work in insurance and that the actuarial tables used to show that people would often die about three years after retiring. Mac’s Theory stipulates that if he never retires then he will never die.

Mac is a mentor to others and is involved with an organization that serves others in their search for meaningful employment. He firmly believes that we are not just here on earth to serve ourselves. There are about 60 mentors that serve up to 200 people. They meet on Mondays and he invited me to check it out and maybe contribute. I may lend my speaking skills to them at some point.

Being an artist Mac sculpts, paints, and writes. I believe that soon he will be a published author. I will let you know how that works out. It just so happens that on my walk home I saw a small computer tech place in the corner of a building and the sign said “Open”. I went in asked about the possibility of accessing info from a floppy disc. With a bit of smirk the young man said confidently “sure we can”. I am looking forward to my next trip to Costco to find Mac. I believe we crossed paths for a reason.

Mac, if you are reading this call me. I have someone willing to help you release your book and your life to share with the world. You just can’t keep art locked up. It has to be let go.

What art have you created that you are not sharing with the world? I am guessing there is something of beauty waiting to be released. Don’t wait, go for it.