Impact 1: Climb

Impact your life, impact your world!

     We all want to be impactful or have a positive impact on the world around us.

          We want to have a positive impact in our careers, our relationships, and our lives in general.

               Sometimes we are and other times we aren’t – or even worse – it’s a negative impact.


Who Should Participate?

Participation in the Climb Workshop can benefit anyone, no matter what their life looks like today.

Many attend the workshop with a life that is already successful and working well.

Now they’re ready to achieve even more. They join the Climb Workshop to access personal-development processes that have been proven.

Others attend the workshop because their life isn’t working in one or more areas.

Now they are ready to move forward and choose not to be stuck.


During Climb, a highly interactive workshop, you can expect to experience: 

  • The simple, yet powerful, change you can make to instantly begin improving the quality of your life.
  • How to be honest – with yourself and with others – in any situation.
  • The easiest way to give yourself an honest assessment of how well your life is working… and where you’re holding yourself back.
  • Identify the types of people who make you the most uncomfortable – and then break through your beliefs about them.
  • Identify what controls your emotional world (once you can do this, you’ll have control over every area of your life… and the ability to make changes.)
  • Examine your self-defeating thoughts and learn how to manage them.
  • The ways you’re deluding yourself… and how to break free of the patterns that are holding you back.
  • The driving force behind most interpersonal conflict… and the easiest way to defuse it.
  • Effective ways to set and protect your boundaries.
  • Dealing with the sabotaging voice in your head.
  • Find out if shame from your past is holding you back in the present.
  • How to make peace with the mistakes your parents made raising you…so you can finally move beyond childhood hurts and traumas.
  • Have a hard time receiving criticism without feeling ashamed and embarrassed? Discover 3 responses that will help you extract the essence from any piece of feedback.
  • An eye-opening way to determine whether you give too much to others and neglect yourself.
  • Understand how painful experiences from your past are influencing your behavior today.
  • Learn a powerful technique for leaving your emotional baggage behind…so you can live a more fulfilling life.
  • Acknowledge things that you don’t like about yourself and what you can do instead.
  • The two words that will instantly get you back on course when you start to slip into old thinking patterns.
  • A process to support you to break through your fears.
  • How to break out of your comfort zone… so you can live a joyful life.

Our workshops serve to increase your emotional intelligence

      and have a positive impact in your personal and professional life.


You Owe it to Yourself, to Look at Yourself

Impact 1: Climb 

Regular Rate $495 – Early-bird Rate $395  //  Student Rate $295 – Early-bird Rate $195