About Us


Rick Rick Oneal – M.Div., ACC, CEC

I have been training, leading, and coaching teams for over 20 years. I am a Certified Professional & Executive Coach (certified by the International Coach Federation) with a background in a few careers. I was in sales for some years and then I went back to school to finish my BA at Southwestern Adventist University and then onto Andrews University for my Masters. After school I jumped into management: University Residence Halls, Retail, Golf Course, and Non-profit. All have been great fun.

Now I am living my passion seeing the light bulb come on for people (myself included). The moment of discovery is one of the best. It doesn’t matter if you are three or ninety-three. It is still an “aha” moment.

I have a passion for teaching, training, personal growth and development. I believe that we should all ask the question “if better is possible, is good, good enough?” Using a Solutions Focus, we will work together to create the results you want.

I have been a Prepare/Enrich© Facilitator for 20 years and am certified trainer with Personality Dimensions, CVI (Taylor Protocols), and I am in training with C-IQ Conversational Intelligence.

I am an international speaker and the author of my soon to be published book on Courage and Confidence. (I’ll let you know when it is published). I have served as a Lead Facilitator for Foundations for Tomorrow and TrueYou for the past 6 years.

I enjoy golf immensely but am much better at strategic board games. I live in Tigard, Oregon with my wife Heather, and the owner of the house – Cali the cat.


Steve-240x275Steve Safigan – MAPP

Steve believes leaders are most effective by having the courage to be vulnerable through authentic connections with others. Steve is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (CDWF) for Dr. Brené Brown’s The Daring Way™ workshops, which explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. He is a certified personal coach (CPCC, ACC).

Since 2003 he has been a large group facilitator and team leader for Foundations Workshops and TrueYou Workshops, which explore topics such as forgiveness, purpose, and better relationships with self and other. He is a certified trainer for Personality Dimensions©, a personality temperament assessment tool. He has a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology.

Steve’s mission is to uncover peoples’ wounded hearts to discover the beauty and brilliance within.


Kondi Kondi Kulisewa

After graduating from Walla Walla University with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical  Engineering I spent 10 years in the corporate world as a Mechanical Engineer. I began  participating in and volunteering in the personal growth field in 1999.

One of my core-beliefs is that every one of us has significance and a unique purpose in life.  However, only a few ever become intentional about living a purpose driven life. Many of us  rarely live up to our potential because we spend most of our lives going through the motions and doing barely enough to survive. This is why in 2004; I began making the transition into a career that was more in line with my passion and purpose.

I am a certified Personality Dimensions© Facilitator. I am also a whole life co-active coach and received my training from  The Coaches Institute. My niche is Career Transitions and Relational growth and wholeness.


Lyndsay Lyndsay Oneal

Lyndsay is a very insightful and intuitive individual. Her educational background is in  Communication. She earned her degree by attending six different schools in three countries and  lived in Europe for three years. By the age of 20 she had toured the US, and been to 30  countries on three continents.

Through all this travel (and working as a tour guide) Lyndsay has developed her communication skills to not just hear the words but listen to the expression and meaning of the words. She is an astute listener. She has coached thousands of people to clarify what they want and to move them forward. Lyndsay coaches forward motion in a powerful and caring way.

“I have been practicing transformation/coaching since 2008 and have coached four long term leadership teams. I have shared my services with three different transformational companies over the last 7 years. My college education was wrapped up by completing a BS in Communication from Portland State and I currently reside in Redlands, CA.”