Which Spoon?

Jump Start the year to get what you want?

I like to drink a little coffee. Not too much, usually about two cups in the morning. I add a little soymilk and a little sugar. I have learned to cut back on the sugar and have been working on that. For some reason it is not the best for the health I want to have. So, I came up with a plan – use a smaller spoon to avoid taking more sugar. I went from a regular spoon to that little bitty pink one. It takes about 5 or six little spoons to fill up the regular spoon (and a heaping little spoon is somewhat laughable).

Sugar Spoons 1

So, what’s the point Rick? Well, if you look at the center of the sugar bag you can see that there is a date written on there, 10/19/15. That is the date when the bag was opened. I have been using that pink spoon for the last two months and am now a bit over half-way through the bag of sugar. No matter how small my spoon gets I will have eventually consumed 4lb of sugar just from putting it in my coffee. YIKES! This is not what I want, I want to consume less sugar yes, but no matter how much I cut down there is still the fact that I am choosing to add 4lbs of it into my coffee over time. (Good thing I am not using the really big spoon on the right.)

Let’s reverse this idea. What if the sugar represented a goal that I DID want? The sweet spot of life or the Juicy Juice. Which spoon would I be using? I would like to say the big spoon, c’mon. Yet how often in your life do you figure out that you are not using the “big spoon” to get what you want? How often are we chipping away at a goal by dragging our feet or using the “little spoon”? Worse yet, sometimes, we sit around complaining about our circumstances and using NO SPOON at all. Which one of these scenarios fits you?

As you get ready to begin a New Year, I encourage you to create some goals and dip into them with the spoon of your choice (any spoon will get you there eventually). Make them happen for yourself in 2016. Better yet, join in Jump Start 2016 to get into the game and do it with support and accountability. Choose a spoon and get ready to go or …get started now.


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