I Won Last

Winning feels wonderful! Can you recall the last time you won something or won “at” something? What did you feel? A swell of joy? Exuberant confidence?A sense of satisfaction with the accomplishment? I LOVE winning. Losing kinda’ sucks and sometimes more than others (more on this later because you have to risk losing in order to accomplish winning).

My wife was leaving for a weekend out with her women friends and I got to hear a great story before they left about winning.

Kids Playing Soccer w Beach Ball

Andrea was sharing some stories about her three kids. They are currently in a stage where winning is important or carries some meaning. They are often competing at some of the simplest things. (Just like you may have done when you were a child). Racing to finish a bowl of cereal. Challenging each other in getting their shoes on first. Racing to greet daddy when he comes home. If they can make a competition of it…game on. Did I mention that they are only two, four, and seven.

The kids had just come in the door after playing outside and were relaying their stories to mommy. The oldest declared “I won first” and the middle child quickly added “and I won second.” It was at this point that with great glee and excitement the youngest chimed in with “and I won last.”

What a great attitude to have when coming in last. Just by re-framing the results statement it sounds exciting to come in last. Just because I might come in last once in a while I don’t have to have a grumpy attitude about it. I can now proclaim “I won last!” After all I get to choose how I feel.

How are you choosing to feel about the results you are creating in your life? Are you risking losing so that you can win what you want? Choose one thing you are feeling a bit pissy about and re-frame it right now. Choose a new perspective on it.


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