Ever Feel Squeezed?

Do you sometimes feel that you are a bit squeezed in your life and just not getting anywhere? Maybe this picture describes you or your team right now?

This event happens every year when “my” basketball season begins (when the weather is warmer). This is usually preceded by a search of the garage for where I put the ball last. Then begins the hunt for the pin to use to add some more air to the ball so it will actually bounce. Once that is accomplished my vigor to shoot baskets surges and I head out to the driveway and toss up the first shot (for some reason it usually does not go in).

The first shot that does pass through the rim doesn’t make it through the net. It’s somewhat of a let down to not get the ball back. I also  do not have the “hops” that I used to have so I begin to search for something to knock the ball loose with. Once I get the ball back I toss the ball up through the net so it comes out the top. This loosens the net so the ball can actually pass through like it is supposed to.

Then the games begin.

What in this scenario can you relate to in your life, work, home, etc? Where do you find that “things” are not so flexible, not moving, or just plain stuck? The good news is that getting back in the game is possible. It will just take a bit more effort and maybe some creativity. Now…get back in the game.

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