Encouraging Aha Moments with Teaching, Training, and Coaching

TeamAha is a group of  wonderful presenters and coaches dedicated to training and teaching. We are not the type of presenters who get up front and drone on and on. Our goal is to provide a presentation that is dynamic. It brings the point home. Studies have found that we assimilate so much more when we are actively involved in the learning process. We are actually able to retain more information, and it sticks with us for a longer length of time.

Can you remember the last training that you were “required” to attend? I am sure that when the word came down that you “had” to attend you probably let out a big sigh or an “oh no”. TeamAha shares trainings that turns the “I have to attend” into “I get to attend.” This is because our training and teaching is done in a fun and informative way. You will be able to participate in the process, not just listen to the process.

The “aha” moment is what it is all about. That moment when you finally “get it.” The intersection of inspiration and education. That breakthrough moment that defines success. The moment when the light bulb in your head comes on and shines bright. We want to do our part to encourage that moment to happen. So, when that moment comes during one of our presentations, and you happen to let out an “aha,” we will be thrilled.